CNA students in GA can get paid $5000 to go to school until September 2023

Do you have students who need funding to attend your course? There may be a solution for you if you own a CNA School in the state of Georgia. With the support of the Georgia Department of Public Health, the University of Georgia, and Alliant Health Solutions, the Georgia CNA Career Pathway Initiative has launched the CNA Workforce Enhancement Stipend Program. The purpose of the initiative is to address the shortage of CNAs working in long-term care facilities. 

Not many people realize that there are a lot of opportunities in the healthcare industry, especially for CNAs. In the last ten years, the population of Americans 65 years and older has increased from 13% to 17%. Many may require medical care in long-term care facilities, where most CNAs provide services. This increase of individuals needing care coupled with the shortage of CNA’s is putting a strain on these facilities, hence the need for more CNAs in everyone, especially in Georgia. 

A total of 500 CNA students in GA will be awarded a stipend of $5,000 each, to be given in three payments as each student completes a milestone. This stipend can be used for many issues that students may face, from child care, travel to payment for books. The first payment, amounting to $1,250, will be given when the student begins the program. Once the student has finished the nurse aide training program, they will get a second payment of $1,250. Finally, the third payment, amounting to $2,500, is given to the student after completing a six-month tenure in a Georgia long-term care facility. 

You can use this program as a marketing technique for your program. Informing students how to apply for this program will help students be more willing to invest in themselves. As a school owner it is still highly recommended that you ensure the student invest in themselves in order to enroll in your program. Allowing a student to enroll for free on the basis that a student can pay you with their initial stipend is a dangerous game and is NOT recommended. Students who invest in themselves prove to be better students and stewards of their education. Beware if students who may attempt to enroll in your program with minimal investment (example $150 down) in an attempt to receive a $1250 check! This will ruin your enrollment / attrition rates and can give your school a bad wrap. 

Several requirements must be met for each milestone, including submitting application forms for each stipend payment. Those interested in applying for the financial initiative may refer to the Georgia CNA Career Pathway Initiative website for the specifics. 

Things to note: You as the school owner will be responsible for providing the student with the items they need to prove the first two milestones when they apply for the stipend

The CNA Workforce Enhancement Stipend Program is just one of many that the initiative has laid out to encourage more CNA graduates and address the shortage. Other programs include student recruitment efforts, workforce development, career opportunities, and a mental health support team.  

If you are interested in starting a CNA school in Georgia, please reach out to us for guidance and assistance. Starting a school is not easy and there are many considerations involved. The Secret Cocktail is a healthcare school consulting firm that has helped to open over 150 CNA schools throughout the nation. Please see the link HERE to view our services or email us at or call us at 678-310-6168

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