Media Press Release
Who regulates CNA programs?
The Federal government regulates CNA programs and has placed certain mandates in place for CNA Schools. However, every state has the ability to uphold these requirements or place additional requirements per their state statues. Many states delegate the board of health to over see nurse aide training programs while other states appoint the board of nursing. Take a look HERE to learn your states requirements.
Who can own a CNA School?
We love this questions. The answer…ANYONE! That is right. Anyone! There is not a federal restriction against who can own a CNA school. Anyone can own a CNA school as long as you have the proper people in place to teach or over see the entire program.
Who can be a CNA Instructor?
Per Federal regulations it does not specify if an RN or LPN can teach, however it states that only “nurses” with at least 1 year of experience can teach CNA’s. Each state has the ability to interpret this verbiage to mean RN’s only or LPN/LVN’s and RN’s. Please contact your local approval authority for this info. You can also take one of our mini courses to learn all the specifics related to the regulation and requirements to start a CNA school HERE.
What is a program coordinator/director?
Each state, per federal requirements, must have a program coordinator (also called a program director depending on the state). This person MUST be an RN and must hold certain experiences like long term care experience. Additional experiences vary per state requirements. If you want to know more about your states requirements we have mini courses for that.

The Program coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the CNA school is adhering to all Federal regulations. In most cases this person does Not need to be a salaried employee.

How much does it cost to start a CNA school?
Great question. This amount varies tremendously per state, per city and considering the area of that city. However we have devised a webinar to break down what these costs look like in different situation. Want to join the next webinar? Sign up HERE.
Can I have an Online CNA School?
There are a handful of states that do allow CNA training to be partially online. Just to name a few: Florida, Kentucky, Iowa, and West Virginia. If you are interested in knowing if your state allows such, please contact them directly. Find your state HERE.
How does the CNA School Business Building Mentorship program work?
Get structured expert guidance while navigating the process of starting your own CNA school.

One on One virtual mentorship session so I can answer your questions or help you through the application process from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be.

You get 10 of those one on one virtual session that are an hour long each. You get to schedule them at your leisure so we can work as fast or as slow as you want to. Sessions never expire.

You have access to my online course which walks you through curriculum development, policies, best practices in business, setting up your business, student hand book development and more.

No questions are off limits. We can meet to complete applications questions, get feedback or insight on website development, brochure structure, refund policy best practices, location set up, etc.