American Heart Association has New CPR Instruction Guidelines.

Although it is June, I am finding that many CPR instructors are not aware that as of Jan 2019 some new rules were set in place by the AHA for CPR instruction. All CPR manikins used in the American Heart Association (AHA) adult CPR courses must feature an instrumented directive feedback device (IDFD). Devices such as these provide real-time, audio-visual feedback as CPR is being performed, allowing student performance to be evaluated in an immediate and ongoing manner. Yes, this new requirement will cost your business an extra coin, but let’s explore why this is important to the AHA and your business to stay compliant.

The AHA released a statement saying the following: “Incorporating feedback devices into adult CPR courses improves the quality and consistency of CPR training, which increases the chance of a successful outcome when CPR is performed. Studies have also shown that feedback devices help students achieve mastery of crucial CPR skills and shorten the time to demonstration of competence,”

It is important for you to stay compliant with the AHA guidelines to keep your business up to date and professional. Yes, if your current manikins do not have feedback devices, you will need to invest in ones that do, but isn’t your business worth it?

So how exactly do these “feedback” devices work? These devices are very sensitive and can measure how your student is performing CPR. They measure compression rate, depth, hand position, and recoil. The device has a light that is visible to the student and instructor during simulation. It can help the student self-correct their technique during simulation without constant instructor intervention.

You can update your manikins with ones that are IDFD compliant. Take a look below and see if one of these manikins work for you.

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