Start a CNA School Seminar

Start a CNA School Seminars

Get prepared to start your own CNA school. Join our engaging, in-person seminar where we will help you prepare your state-required elements for your CNA School. We will host you in Atlanta at our Healthcare Training School (H.E.R.O Institute) for 3 days while I walk you step by step through all your states paperwork. Topics will be: Students Handbook, Nursing Home Contract, Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Operational Forms, Syllabus, and more. This seminar will be completely hands-on.

This seminar is flexible. Pick the 3 days you want to come to Atlanta. Seminar content is specific to your state. (*Note Weekend days are an additional $500)

You MUST bring a laptop to gain the most benefit from the subject matter. When you leave you will have all elements of your application prepared for submission.

This seminar includes the following:

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and snacks will be provided on day one.
  • Write your curriculum/lesson plans for the CNA curriculum per YOUR state's guidelines.
  • Understand how to write and implement a curriculum considering the different teaching types: psychomotor, cognitive, and affective.
  • Will write and complete a student handbook with policies and procedures.
  • Will gain access to resources needed to open a CNA school per local and state regulations.
  • Will develop required forms needed to operate a CNA program: instructor evaluation, attendance, nursing home contract, etc.
  • Will gain access and learn how to use FREE adjunct teaching resources needed to operate CNA programs.
  • Complete course outline/syllabus.
  • Tips on how to obtain a contract with a nursing home.
  • Q and A session from someone who has experience in opening a CNA school.

Please be sure to add the days you prefer for the seminar during check out. We will contact you to discuss specifics within 24 hours of your booking.

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