DIYers Resource Guide

Starting a nurse aide training school requires A LOT of document creation. If you are fortunate your state will have sample documents for things like healthcare training school transcripts, syllabi, and even course catalogs to point you in the right direction. To many of our client’s dismay though, many states do not provide such materials and they are left in the dark to search for materials online. Throughout our years of consulting here at The Secret Cocktail®, we have seen which states provide resources for aspiring schools and brought them all together in one DIYer’s Resource Guide to save you hours of searching. These documents will provide an excellent starting point to help you craft your own custom documents for your school. Access to the guide is included with any paid consulting call with The Secret Cocktail®. Book your call and get access to the guide today!

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*Disclaimer: The following templates are not owned, created or endorsed by The Secret Cocktail®. This list was prepared on 4/13/2023, and links were the current versions as of that date. There is no guarantee that the use of these templates will guarantee approval of your course in their state of origin or other states. These are intended to be used as starting points for the creation of custom documents for your own program. You should update them based on your state’s most up to date requirements.