How Georgia Dixon FNP-C Started a Nurse Aide Training Program in Texas.

This podcast episode walks us through the steps Mrs. Dixon took to start her nurse aide training program in Texas. We discuss the barriers, obstacles and triumphs through the process. Listen in while she explains how she has built a successful CNA school. Want to be featured in our podcast series? Email us at […]

3 Reasons Why Home Care Agencies Should Add A CNA Program

By: Portia Wofford As the need for senior care rises, many are choosing home care as an alternative to long term care facilities. The lessening of financial burdens paired with the security of being in one’s own home makes homecare an attractive choice. Many families are seeking home care agencies to take on the care […]

How To Become A CNA Instructor

By: Portia Wofford Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) hold a very valuable place in the healthcare industry. Not only does the CNA assist nurses, in patient care, but the role the CNA plays is integral in advocacy and continuity of care. Often, it is the CNA who initially notices a patient’s change in condition and alerts […]

Passing the CNA Exam: This nurse is the go to guru, increasing student and school pass rates.

What are your CNA students lacking? Often times business owners are so preoccupied with setting up their business, finding instructors and finding students, that they miss the importance of providing an environment that is guaranteed to produce passing students and prepared instructors. Getting the business running and keeping it running requires different tasks but these […]

Start a CNA School Seminar

Attend a Seminar $1600 Georgia Seminar in Austell, GA: Operation: Start a CNA school July 26th, 27th, 28rd from 9:30am-5pm Get prepared to start your own CNA school. I will help you prepare your Students Handbook, Nursing Home Contract, and Curriculum during this seminar. This seminar will be completely hands on for all participants. Must […]

What happens when you forget to teach your CNA students about reciprocity?

What is the world does reciprocity mean mean to a CNA? Becoming a CNA is an entry level position. Many entering this field of work have never worked before or have never had a certification before. As nurses, and more importantly as their instructors, it is our duty to ensure we empower them with knowledge […]

How I Started My CNA School

Deciding to become an entrepreneur can be a scary task to tackle, especially if you lack a mentor or support. You ask your self “ Where do I start? Which way do I go? Who can I trust?” It can all seem so overwhelming that you may give up before you even get started. However, […]