What you need to know as a Healthcare Training School during COVID-19

As of March 11th 2020, WHO determined COVID-19 a pandemic. This determination forced countries, states and territories all over to take actions that have affected business owners in serious ways. As the stock market drops, we see businesses around us struggling to make sales, unless they sell toilet paper or handguns of course. During this […]

How Tami Started a CNA school in Arizona.

#MotivationMonday Listen in Live as we interview Tamalia (Tami) White White LPN, Owner of @Innovative School of Health Sciences in Phoenix, Arizona. She shares with us her experiences in start up and what she has learned since operating her CNA school. This event will be on Facebook Live on our webpage on Feb 27th at […]

#MondayMotivation: Am I Qualified to Start a CNA School?

So many people are interested in starting a CNA program because it is needed, lucrative and empowering. By 2029 the baby boomers will be 65 and older and need care! People are living longer with multiple co-morbidities and will need care. CNA programs around the country offer multiple class offerings in an effort to provide […]

How to Find Students for Your School

How Do I find CNA Students? The topic surrounding enrollment strategies is a key element often missed with new entrepreneurs entering the CNA school business. In order to answer this question, there are some things you need to identify during the business planning phase. Here I will name the top 3 ways to find CNA […]

CNA School Business Building Mentorship Program

Many people want to start a CNA school but just need a little guidance.That is what our “CNA School Business Building Mentorship Program” is all about. This is a mentorship program that affords you the opportunity to have access to expert consult the entire step of the way. We help you get your CNA school […]

How to Obtain a Clinical Contract for your CNA School.

How to obtain a nursing home contract for your CNA School.  One of the most time-consuming steps in starting your CNA school may very well be obtaining a clinical contract. Not all nurses have a relationship with a nursing home and feel very awkward reaching out to a nursing home and asking for such a favor. […]