Illinois has an Increased Need for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Schools

Headlines about nursing home lawsuits for negligence are on the rise across America. Concerns continue to grow about the lack of adequate care nursing home residents receive due to short staffing and other safety concerns. The human and financial impact is huge and complex. A 2013 audit that found Medicare paid about $14 billion for […]

Increased Need for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Schools In California

The ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has challenged healthcare organizations all over the world. Shortages of necessary tools, lack of personal protective equipment, and trained professionals to take care of patients have only increased the burdens facilities faced before COVID-19. The staffing crisis in healthcare facilities, especially in skilled nursing facilities (SNF), is not new. Healthcare regulatory […]

What is the Temporary Nurse Aide Training Program Waiver Approved by CMS?

CNA School owners all over are concerned about the Temporary Nurse Aide Training Program and how it will affect their schools? In this article I will explain what this program is, how it works and how it will affect CNA school owners.  CMS is waiving the Federal requirements  42 CFR 483.35 9(d) of the OBRA […]

What you need to know as a Healthcare Training School during COVID-19

As of March 11th 2020, WHO determined COVID-19 a pandemic. This determination forced countries, states and territories all over to take actions that have affected business owners in serious ways. As the stock market drops, we see businesses around us struggling to make sales, unless they sell toilet paper or handguns of course. During this […]

How Tami Started a CNA school in Arizona.

#MotivationMonday Listen in Live as we interview Tamalia (Tami) White White LPN, Owner of @Innovative School of Health Sciences in Phoenix, Arizona. She shares with us her experiences in start up and what she has learned since operating her CNA school. This event will be on Facebook Live on our webpage on Feb 27th at […]