Check out my interview with Amelia Roberts!

THE BUSINESS OF THE CNA INSTRUCTOR’S SECRET COCKTAIL  Remember Amelia Roberts? She owns the podcast “Beyond the Bedside” and she recently had me on as her FIRST returning guest! Click here to listen in:

Webinar Alert: Tech Tools and Tips to Enhance Learner Engagement

Do you recognize that in today’s age you cannot just sit there and teach from a power point or show videos? You have to set your school apart from others. You have to engage your students in their learning. You have to make sure every learning style is touched. You have to make sure they […]

Look who got their CNA school Approved!

Wow! This year has been busy for us here at The Secret Cocktail! I wanted to share with you some of the wins from our CNA school Community to give you some inspiration!  This last quarter I was able to help 2 different School Owners get a combined total of 4 different programs approved!  Healthcare Learning Center in […]

Learn how Tye started her CNA school!

You know I love to share a good, insightful story to help you prosper!! Last month I interviewed Tye Milton, a registered nurse who started a CNA school in Alabama 7 months ago. This was probably one of the best interviews I have done thus far.  Since the opening of her school was fresh on her brain, […]

I want to promote your school!

I am reaching out to you because I would love to interview you for my CNA school owner Podcast Series.  I interview a CNA school owner once a month to help provide others with insight, give them motivation to start their own CNA school and to help you as an owner get the word out […]

Interested in discount supplies for your CNA school?

Because I want you to be successful I have negotiated an agreement with Pocket Nurse to get you discounted lab supplies for your CNA school!  Pocket Nurse provides lab supplies and equipment to aide students learning. Anyone who works with me is entitled to a discounted rate for any supplies you order from them for eternity!! […]

Last Call: Content Marketing Webinar

If you missed this amazing webinar and would like to see it, please email me at for the link to purchase. You can spend crazy amounts of money getting your brand in front of your target audience, or you can create a solid content marketing strategy that you can do free or for minimal […]

CNA School Business Building Mentorship Program

Many people want to start a CNA school but just need a little guidance.That is what our “CNA School Business Building Mentorship Program” is all about. This is a 6 month long mentorship program that affords you the opportunity to have access to expert consult the entire step of the way. We help you get […]