CNA School Business Building Mentorship Program Guest Expert : Vicky Castillo MSNed, RN, CNE: How to Teach Skills, A CNA Instructors’ Perspective.

Skills procedure are the most commonly failed aspect of the CNA exam. All too often CNA’s and instructors alike run to YouTube for skills videos, unaware that each states has very specific requirements and steps that vary per state.

Did you know that the skill required to place a resident on a bedpan in Texas has 17 steps however in Arizona there are 26 steps. Did I mention that the steps are in a different order as well, with the Arizona skill requiring that the student must measure output but Texas bedpan skill does not? The saying, “There is more than one way to skin a cat” becomes very real! And these are only 2 of the 50 states we are talking about here.

Nurse/ CNA Instructors are in a very unique position to ensure they are empowering CNA’s with the knowledge they need to care for the future of healthcare. In order to do that, nurses must educate themselves on CNA requirements and regulations. They depend on us to provide them with what they need to pass the CNA exam and become the compassionate care taker they want to be.

Join us as we learn the best practice techniques for incorporating skills into your curriculum. All too often, CNA instructors are placed in a position to educate CNA’s, unaware of the expectations required of the CNA from a skills check off perspective. Not only do we want to empower our students, but we want to produce high quality training centers that are profitable. Continuous education helps ensure you can do just that!

Vicky Castillo of Facets Healthcare Training will provide great insight on how you can ensure you are providing your students with the proper training related to skills and exam testing. Join us September 30th at 8:30pm EST for the hour long webinar. This webinar is for CNA School Business Building Mentorship Program members only. If you are not in the program but would like to attend, please use the link below to secure a spot as well.