CNA School Business Building Mentorship Program

Many people want to start a CNA school but just need a little guidance.That is what our “CNA School Business Building Mentorship Program” is all about.

This is a mentorship program that affords you the opportunity to have access to expert consult the entire step of the way. We help you get your CNA school started and empower you with the tools to make it profitable.

Most CNA schools can take anywhere from 6-9 months to start depending on your state. This program helps to walk you through the process providing you with resources to not only get your program accredited but to also ensure you have guidance once approved. Take a look at the benefits of this program.

  • One on One virtual mentorship session so I can answer your questions or help you through the application process from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be.
  • You get 10 of those one on one virtual session that are an hour long each. You get to schedule them at your leisure so we can work as fast or as slow as you want to. Sessions never expire.
  • Once a month access to live working webinars on topics surrounding the business and application submission
  • Once a month webinars from expert guest speakers on topics such as funding, business credit, marketing, instructor development and more
  • Access to online resources via our online University “The CNA Instructors Secret University” that help you complete the CNA accreditation process
  • Access to online resources and best practices to protect your business from legal issues as well as polices and procedures
  • Access to all webinar recordings via our online University
  • Get structured expert guidance while navigating the process of starting your own CNA school.
  • No questions are off limits. We can meet to complete applications questions, get feedback or insight on website development, brochure structure, refund policy best practices, location set up, etc.

This program is best suited for individuals who have made a firm decision on starting a CNA program and are ready to move forward. This program is also very beneficial to new CNA school owners or owners who need strategy development, as business building is our main focus in this course.

Co-Hort 6 starts Feb 10th. You schedule your 10 one hour session at your leisure based on my office hours. I will only accept 5 individuals in an effort to provide the intimate attention you each deserve. The program is $2000 when paid in full or you can make four payments of $550.

If you are interested in this program, we encourage you to sign up HERE to gain immediate access and let us help you get started today. If you would like to discuss further or have questions, you can book a free call with us so we can answer any specific questions you may have.Want to join our emailing list to get free info on how to start a CNA school sign up HERE.

Victoria Randle NP-C is the owner of The CNA Instructor Consultants LLC.