Interested in discount supplies for your CNA school?

Because I want you to be successful I have negotiated an agreement with Pocket Nurse to get you discounted lab supplies for your CNA school!

Pocket Nurse provides lab supplies and equipment to aide students learning. Anyone who works with me is entitled to a discounted rate for any supplies you order from them for eternity!! Just give them the Secret Code when you order and you will receive up to 15% off your entire order depending on the overall total of your order.

Want the code? Those who have worked directly with me be sure to ask for it if I have not already given it to you! If you do not work with me directly yet, email me at! I may have something for you too!

I am a guest writer for a Pocket Nursers blog called SimTalk. They provide insight and info on upcoming industry technology and best practices. See my input to this blog here:

Victoria Randle, NP-C