#MondayMotivation: Am I Qualified to Start a CNA School?

So many people are interested in starting a CNA program because it is needed, lucrative, and empowering. By 2029 the baby boomers will be 65 and older and need care! People are living longer with multiple co-morbidities and will need care. CNA programs around the country offer multiple class offerings in an effort to provide seats for those who want the education. Last but not least providing entry-level education can be so rewarding! Building relationships with future healthcare workers and watching them grow warms anyone’s heart.

There are many myths about who can start a CNA school. Can only a nurse do it? Can only an RN do it? Do you have to be masters prepared or have a business degree? The answer to all these questions is NO!! You do not have to have any of that. Yeah, that’s right, literally, ANYONE can start a CNA school.

Starting a CNA school is a great option for bedside nurses to explore when they are ready to start a new endeavor in the field of nursing. Owners of personal care homes, staffing agencies, and home health care agencies have identified that having their own CNA school is great for their business because they can fill their own vacancies. But to be honest, there is no federal requirement anywhere that states you have to be a nurse (or any type of healthcare professional for that matter). Literally anyone can start a CNA school.

Now, many states do have some restrictions; that makes sense of course. Many states may say you cannot have a history of bankruptcy, no criminal history, no felonies, etc. That is because they are providing protection to the students. Ever heard of those schools that are open one day and closed the next? Those students lose everything and have nothing to show for it. These restrictions help to prevent this situation. Only some states have these requirements. Interested to know if your state is one of them? Check out our website to learn about your states requirements: https://thesecretcocktail.com/cna-school-consulting-state-requirements/

So… are you qualified to start a CNA school you ask? If you are business savvy, if you have the hustle and if you are persistent, you can and will have your own CNA school too! You don’t have to be a nurse, but if you are, it is definitely a major plus!!

If you need help with the process of starting a CNA school, let us know. We will be happy to help. Email us at info@thesecretcocktail.com

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Victoria Randle NP-C
The Secret Cocktail