Officer Norman was once a CNA?

Office Norman was once a CNA?

Many of you may know of Officer Norman but for those of you who do not, let me take a moment to introduce him.

Officer Tommy Norman has been an Officer with the North Little Rock Police Department in Arkansas since 1998. He is known for his “community style” policing and has the uncanny ability to connect with the residents in his jurisdiction. He plays with the kids, dances with them, attends birthday parties, brings the kids snacks, and he even gives back to the community he serves through his nonprofit Mission Give. He has built relationships, loyalty, and best of all, TRUST with the community he serves.

How does an Officer learn how to build these relationships and trust? Through understanding people and being relatable. How does one learn to do that? Let me further explain.

Officer Norman’s mother was a Nurse. “I use to go to work with my mom all the time. Seeing her care for others made me want to do the same thing.” In 1991 Officer Norman did just that. He became a Certified Nursing Assistant and worked for 7 years as a CNA at Riley’s Oak Hill Manor Nursing Home. There he was able to find gratification in caring for the elderly. His passion for people shined, and in 1993 Riley’s Oak Hill Manor even named “One of the Finest Nursing Assistants.”

Later he decided to follow in the footsteps of his uncle and combine his love for serving people with becoming an Officer of the law. Officer Norman’s passion and caring nature shows in his daily duties as an Officer. Have you watched a YouTube video of his or followed him on Instagram? You gain an instant amount of respect for him and his willingness to give so much of himself to others. He takes the time to get to know the “residents he cares for” because he understands that as an Officer of the Law that is what he is there to do! Serve and Protect just as he did as a CNA.

I got the chance to meet Officer Norman during my time in Arkansas when I attended the NAHCA CNA Fest in August and let me say that the videos don’t even begin to paint the true picture of his kind heart! We sat down and talked about his reasons for why he does what he does the way he does it and I was overjoyed and inspired! I am proud to know that he was once a member of our nursing community. As a matter of fact, when I found that out, everything just made perfect sense!

A major takeaway that we can all learn from Officer Norman is to always remember your why and be committed to it. No matter what you do and where you do it, touch lives, use your heart, and leave a mark!

This blog post was written by Victoria Randle MSN, NP-C, the founder of The CNA Instructor Consultants, a consulting agency that helps individuals and organizations start accredited Nurse Aide Training Programs in all 50 states. For more info on how to start a CNA school email us at or sign up for our emails HERE.