Passing the CNA Exam: This nurse is the go to guru, increasing student and school pass rates.

What are your CNA students lacking?

Often times business owners are so preoccupied with setting up their business, finding instructors and finding students, that they miss the importance of providing an environment that is guaranteed to produce passing students and prepared instructors. Getting the business running and keeping it running requires different tasks but these tasks go hand in hand. That is why The CNA Instructor Consultants LLC is pleased to announce its partnership with Facets Healthcare Training.

Facets Healthcare training is a leading provider of student test prep and instructor development resources. Their goal is to provide resources that help students pass the CNA exam the first time. The founder and owner, Vicky Castillo is an RN with over 10 years of experience in nurse aide training education. She has been a nurse aide instructor and RN State Exam Tester for Headmaster. Because of Vicky’s experience, she is keenly aware of the challenges and intricacies nursing assistant schools experience. Recognizing the vital need to help instructors prepare students to pass the certification exam, helping students pass the certification exam the first time, and ensuring a CNA test prep aligns with each state requirements, Vicky has devised state specific skills videos based on the states nurse aide candidate handbook.

Facets Healthcare Training has prepared skills videos that are specific to Nevada, Arizona, and Wisconsin. They are currently looking to expand services to California, Texas, Florida and eventually all 50 states. Faucets has also developed a knowledge test bank of questions that will help prep any CNA no matter their state. All resources provided can be accessed via PC, tablet, and mobile phone. With these resources she has helped turn around the pass rate and exam scores of countless CNA school that were failing. It is for this reason I am excited to announce this partnership!

Ensuring your staff are trained well and are all delivering the curriculum content in a consistent manner is key. Student confusion and inconsistent information often leads to failure for the student when taking the state exam test, especially in the skills portion. Also providing the student with creditable resources to study from is important. With the age of YouTube, so many students are running to the internet to get answers, but unfortunately the answer to skills check off are different in many states and they end up with the wrong answers. This will lead to confusing on the student behalf and a fail on the state exam. Facets can help prevent this! From providing helpful skills videos for students, to consulting at the facility level to ensure all instructors know the “critical steps” needed to pass the states exam, Vicky is very passionate about ensuring CNA’s are properly equipped with the knowledge needed to care for patients.

For more information about Vicky Castillo and Facets Healthcare Training, please visit them on Facebook or Instagram. You can also check out her website to view her products and services. Let them know The Secret Cocktail sent you for a special discount!

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