COVID Turns Unemployed Into Employed CNA’s

It has been 6 long months and COVID is still here to stay. We have no idea when this will end, but we know one thing! COVID is turning the unemployed into the employed CNA’s.

As a CNA school business consultant, one of the weekly questions I receive is regarding the true need for CNA Schools. Clients call me and say “Is now a good time to start a CNA school? Will people actually enroll?”

I am here to tell you the answer is YES!!! Now, more than ever, people are realizing that becoming an essential worker is the type of employee to be. As hospitality agencies are having a hard time finding work for their staff, they are turning to a quick fix. CNA Certification! They are flipping their staffing agency from hospitality to healthcare! This is just one example of the money unemployed workers that are turning to the CNA certification.

CNA Certification can be obtained in a matter of 2 weeks like in Georgia or up to 6 weeks like in California. This is depending on the state. Nevertheless, becoming a CNA is a fast-alternative option for those who need work now!

Colleges throughout the Panhandle of Texas are seeing a boost in students trying to become nurse aides like never before. In an interview of the directors of these programs they stated they have seen a significate increase in enrollment for their CNA schools throughout the entire area. For example, Clarendon College’s two campuses have seen a 60 percent increase in enrollment to their introduction to nursing programs. Frank Phillips and Amarillo College’s Rural Education Nursing Program has almost doubled for the fall semester.

Our country was already in a national shortage of healthcare workers. Couple that with COVID and you have an industry that is in dire need of help. We need people to answer the call. The call to start a CNA school and the call to become a CNA. People clearly want to become an essential worker, but they will need a school to enroll in! Will you provide the school for them?

So why does this matter to you? You are reading this either wondering if you should become a CNA or if you should start a CNA school. As you can see this may be an attractive option for you. Please remove your fears of wondering if this should be a path for you and own it!

Victoria Randle MSN, NP-C is the owner and founder of The Secret Cocktail®, a CNA school consulting firm. Since their inception in 2018 the company has consulted with over 100 schools throughout the nation. The company helps to tackle approval paperwork for your CNA program, by providing expert consult to walk you step by step through the process and have you prepared for state approval. Email them at if you would like assistance with getting a CNA school started.