Maryland Department of Higher Education has placed a hold on Nurse Aide Training Program Applications. But Why?

As of Jan 2020, The Maryland Department of Higher Education announced that they are no longer accepting application for the nurse aide training program except in the following counties: Garrett, Allegany, and Washington counties. If you would like more information regarding this feel free to contact them at 410-767-3300.

The reason you ask? The states Department of Labor conducts analytics annually to determine the amount of CNA jobs vs the amount of schools approved. Currently the number of schools and proposed graduates are equal to the need therefore CNA school approvals are on hold.

Does counting the number of approved schools really reflect the true graduation rate in the area? No. As a matter of fact The CNA Instructor Consultants conducted a study in Harford County polling every entity that hires CNA’s. Every last facility and hospital polled has a need for 5-40 CNA positions at the time of the survey ( Feb 2020). Over 30 facilities where interviewed and all stated they strongly feel there is a need for CNA education in the area.

So where does the misconception lie? I believe it is with the schools currently approved. In Harford county there is only 1 CNA school that was approved in July 2019. Their graduation rate to date in unknown however the school also has their own home care agency. According to that home care agency has 5 current CNA openings within its own company for the past 90 days. This shows the company its self is not filling its own needs through its CNA school.

How do we over come this issue? Do not give up. Do your research and contact the Maryland Department of Higher Education to make them aware of your findings. CNA’s are needed nationwide and if the state is preventing schools from gaining approval or only allowing one school per area, it is doing the surrounding areas more harm than good maybe? A full analysis should be used to make such a decision, including the graduation rate of students per school approved.

The Secret Cocktail will be submitting a request for reconsideration on behalf of a client soon. We hope to update you with the findings.

Victoria Randle NP-C- Victoria is a nurse influencer and expert in the nurse aide training program community. You can gain insight and information on how to start a CNA school in your state by visiting her website below or viewing her YouTube channel.