New Jersey Passes Law to Mandate CNA Staffing Numbers in Nursing Homes

For years New Jersey has lagged behind the national average of hours provided in direct care to nursing home residents but as of October 23rd2021, all of that will change. New Jersey’s Governor, Phil Murphy, signed a law that will require nursing homes to increase the number for nurse aides in their staffing model to accommodate resident to nurse aide ratios and increase resident care. The law was introduced over 5 years ago but had been blocked consistently from being passed into law. However, COVID helped to shed light on the real problem that is occurring in nursing homes all over the country. Improper staffing ratios!

Need for Nurse Aide Training Programs

The new law will take effect on February 1st 2021 and will require one CNA per 8 residents on day shift, one CNA per 10 residents on evening shift and one CNA per 14 residents during the night.

This law comes behind other states who have already taken a stance on nursing home ratios. Last year Illinois and California both passed laws that mandated CNA to resident ratios. What does this mean in these specific states? The need for nurse aide training will increase past its current demands. The current state of direct healthcare workers is at a deficit nationwide and this law will place an even harder stain on this profession.

New Jersey will need healthcare schools to answer to this new mandated regulation. Current nurse aide programs will want to consider adding more class offering such as day, evening, and weekend. The truth is however, current schools will not be able to meet this demand on their own. The erection of new nurse aide training programs will help fill this gap, which will continue to increase over the next 20 years as baby boomers continue to increase in numbers.

Starting a Healthcare Training School

Seniors have a right to receive care. They deserve to get the care that they pay for. We have to help these nursing homes meet this new need. You can help meet this need by starting a healthcare training school that will create competent caring CNA’s. Starting a healthcare training school does not require certain credentials but does require the proper people are in place to provide the education to our future CNAs. If you are interested in learning more about starting a healthcare training school, please reach out to The Secret Cocktail® for assistance.

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