Why you should start a Phlebotomy program in Nevada now

It pays to stay abreast to the law. Nevada has a growing number of job openings for phlebotomists due to a law that was just passed. Beginning October 1, phlebotomists will patrol with the LVMPD at night to take blood samples on the spot. If a suspect is suspected of being intoxicated, a breath or blood test will be administered. However, in order for charges to be filed on the suspect and to successfully prosecute these cases, a blood sample must be obtained within two hours of contact.

Because there is a two-hour time window when a field sobriety test must be done, the police force has received a $545,000 grant to pay for phlebotomists to patrol with police seven days a week. Previously, volunteers would only ride with an officers three days a week.

How does this effect the educational sector?

Now would be the perfect time to establish a phlebotomy school in Nevada. As a growing need for a phlebotomists will increase throughout the state someone has to train these individuals up. If you currently have a license to operate a proprietary school, we highly suggest that you add a phlebotomy program to it as soon as possible. If you are thinking about starting a proprietary school in Nevada, then adding a phlebotomy program will be key as well.

Job openings for phlebotomists in Nevada.

The job market is growing rapidly, making it easier to find employment and build a career as a phlebotomist. According to Indeed, the average base salary for a phlebotomist in Nevada is at $19.42 per hour, which increases as you get more years of experience. Not only can’t Phlebotomy’s work with the police department they can also work in hospitals, clinics, labs and much more.

If you are interested in starting your own phlebotomy training program in Nevada, please reach out to us. The Secret Cocktail can help streamline the process of approval for you. We write curriculums and develop program policies and procedures for Phlebotomy, Nurse Aide Training and Medical Assistant. Contact us today. 678-310-6168 or email us at info@thesecretcocktail.com

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