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Building a successful CNA school just got Easier.

The Secret Cocktail Mastermind Retreat

In One Weekend – Discover What Every CNA School Needs To Know To Increase Enrollment & Make More Money

Life hasn’t gone exactly as planned since you decided to start your own CNA school…
You’re not getting the enrollment you desire
You’ve invested so much time and money, but you’re not getting your max return on investment
You’re not shaping the next generation of CNAs
You’re not creating the impact, on nursing, that you imagined
And to make matters worse, you’re still working 8, 12, or 16-hour shifts as a nurse.

I’ve been where you are.
I was a struggling CNA school owner. Trying to figure out how to get more students enrolled, so I could make more money and leave my full-time nursing job.
I was burned-out and frustrated. Sick of working short-staffed. Tired of being mandated to work overtime.
I was lost. I felt trapped. I felt like I was always going to have to hustle my business as a PRN job.
Something was stopping me from having the school of my dreams.
The problem was that I had no clue how to grow my CNA school.
But after some research. I found a solution…
I needed to learn some marketing strategies!
But, I was a nurse. I didn’t learn marketing in nursing school. Heck, I didn’t even learn it in nurse practitioner school.
The thought of marketing was enough to drive me to the point of tears.
Luckily, I found the tools and resources to make marketing easier. I went from frustrated and lost – with no clue how to get more students enrolled in my school – to secure and confident.
So, what does this mean for you?
It means I can and will show you how to get those same results for yourself.
At The Secret Cocktail Mastermind Retreat you’ll have access to marketing experts who will teach you:

  • Tips to increase your market growth along with financial planning so that you can grow your business without breaking the bank
  • How to create engaging content so that you’re always on the mind of your ideal student
  • Tips to land on the first page of Google so that you get more students

During this three day retreat, you’ll gain the tools, support, and resources you need to market and grow your CNA school.

This retreat is a luxe marketing retreat for the CNA school owner who’s ready to grow your business and income from PRN to full-time.

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Mastermind Retreat
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Price: $2,297.00
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Now, for the kicker, that’s going to blow your mind…

You’ll get hands-on training from each of our master experts. When you go home, you’ll have tools to:

  • Stand out from the crowd of all the other CNA schools in the same area
  • No longer feel like you’re yelling into an abandoned building SCREAMING for help
  • Grow from little or no student enrollment to having a full classroom (and get this – a waitlist)
  • Turn your school’s income into your full-time stream of income so that you can finally quit that nursing job that has you burned out and stressed.

The Secret Cocktail Mastermind Retreat is about giving you the strategies and space to finally feel in control of your business and no longer have to work your business part-time.

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Mastermind Retreat
Use the “Subscribe” button below to get tickets with our payment installment plan!
Price: $2,297.00
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The Setting

  • A team of master experts and I will guide you in creating bullet-proof marketing and business strategy.
  • These A-listers will be devoted to you and your growth during this weekend retreat.
  • Together, you’ll sidestep every fear and excuse and finally be on your way to a profitable school.
But wait, there’s more:
  • Enjoy your stay at our luxurious retreat
  • Mingle at our mixer where you’ll have the opportunity to network with fellow CNA school owners from across the country
  • Relieve some of the built-up stress with a professional massage
  • Enjoy a private yoga session
  • Boost your branding with professional makeup and headshots
  • Breakfast , lunch, and dinner served each day

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EVENT DATES: July 9-11, 2021

VIP Admission: $2,297


  • Southern Welcome Networking mixer
  • Step-by-step breakout sessions led by our experts
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day
  • All Relaxation sessions
  • Professional makeup and headshots
  • Overnight accommodations at our luxury retreat location
  • Unbreakable bond between you and other school owner

As a BONUS, you’ll gain the legal knowledge you need to:

  • Protect your business and brand
  • Identify legal issues before they arise
  • Discover what business structure is best for you
  • Learn the difference between trademarks and copyrights and why they are essential for your business

Confession time…

Last day to Register April 30th

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The Secret Cocktail Retreat is for you if you:

  • Have the desire to grow your CNA school
  • Feel like you don’t have the tools or expertise to get to the next level
  • Wish you had someone to hold your hand and guide you step-by-step to a profitable CNA school
  • Are tired of working overtime, short-staffed and ready to be in your business full-time
  • Want to make a difference and an impact on the healthcare industry

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Mastermind Retreat
Use the “Subscribe” button below to get tickets with our payment installment plan!
Price: $2,297.00
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Meet Your Experts

  • Victoria Randle
    Victoria Randle NP-C

    I’m Victoria Randle, a Certified Nurse Practitioner, a CNA school startup specialist, and hostess of The Secret Cocktail Mastermind Retreat. I’ve started or consulted with over 70 CNA school owners in all 50 states. For the past seven years, I’ve guided CNA school owners from idea to startup.

  • Dayna Thomas
    Dayna Thomas, ESQ

    An Award-winning attorney who specializes in business law. Dayna thrives on helping people build their lives and businesses with the support of the law. Named in The National Black Lawyers-Top 100 and Legal Eliteby Georgia Trend, Dayna uses her journey and expertise to educate and inspire other entrepreneurs.

  • Krish Chopra
    Krish Chopra

    Million dollar business owner and expert marketer. Featured in Forbes and Fast Company, and recently named 30 under 30 by INC, Krish is a serial entrepreneur whose marketing strategies have propelled his startup, NpHub, to a profitable company in just three years.

  • Portia Wofford
    Portia Wofford

    Award winning nurse and content strategist. Portia’s words have been featured in some of the top nursing publications. She uses her nursing background and the power of words to help healthcare entrepreneurs grow their communities and sales.

  • Demarus Perry
    Demarus Perry

    Marketing expert with over 20 years of experience with the last 12 concentrating in Digital Marketing. He has provided marketing services for large corporations like US Auto and entrepreneurs like MiMi G. Style, helping them to grow their reach to phenomenal levels. He is the CEO of Eight 80 Media which is a marketing company based in Atlanta.

“Dayna is the GOAT. She’s fantastic and very thorough. Her team is excellent, and the engagement is memorable, trusting, and very informative. If you need anything for legal, then you need to work with Dayna.”- Kadeem Pardue

“This was the most informative session. Specific info from someone who’s gone through every step mandatory to plan, start, evaluate, open, and reevaluate opening a CNA school is priceless. Thanks Victoria.”- Jacinta Steele

“Krish and his team are amazing.”- Michelle Nelson

“In just three days Portia helped my business progress. The first day alone, I scheduled five sessions! A week later, I had eight sessions, within three local cities.” Calandra Meadows

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Mastermind Retreat
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Price: $2,297.00
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