Starting a Phlebotomy Technician School in Illinois

  • Starting a Phlebotomy Technician School in Illinois can be quite an undertaking. A successful program will need:


    -Qualified Instructors

    -A curriculum developed for Phlebotomy Technician

    -Classroom and Lab Equipment

    -A Good Marketing Strategy for a Phlebotomy Technician School

    -A Phlebotomy Technician School Business Plan

    -A good location with adequate space and proper zoning

In addition to all of that, you must also be be approved by the state to operate. In Illinois you will go through the Illinois Board of Education. Here at The Secret Cocktail® we offer healthcare career training school consulting in a 3-teir service model to help you navigate the rigorous process of opening a Phlebotomy Technician in School Illinois.

The Secret Cocktail® started in 2018 helping to start nurse aide programs, and has expanded to include phlebotomy technician, patient care technician, and medical assisting nationwide. It is our goal to be a knowledge source for both new and experienced Phlebotomy Technician School owners. We have answers for your ownership questions like:

Does my Phlebotomy Technician Program need to be accredited?

Does my Phlebotomy Technician Program need to be accredited?

Accreditation is not required. We reccomend that you align your program with a certifying body, such as NHA, to prepare students to receive an industry recognized certification. You could seek institution level accreditation. This is not a requirement for operation, but lends credibility to your school. It is important to consider costs and benefits, when considering accreditation.

Reach out to us with your questions, and be sure to check out our YouTube Channel where we have tons of free information for starting a healthcare training school.